VTA emphasises industry’s Christmas significance

Anderson asks public to consider the efforts of transport workers

VTA emphasises industry’s Christmas significance
Peter Anderson


Among the yearly plea for road safety over Christmas, the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) asks Australians to spare a thought for transport workers foregoing holidays to keep Australia moving during this period.

Tens of thousands of transport workers will continue to operate in depots, distribution centres and on the road making deliveries over the break.

"This enables us to continue to enjoy the high standards of living we have all grown accustomed to, but it’s only possible because transport operators and their workers are prepared to work through the holidays making the deliveries we need." VTA CEO Peter Anderson says.

He calls for greater vigilance on the road at a time when holiday traffic congestion will increase.

SARTA used truck-car incidents to reinforce its Christmas safety message

"Holidays are a high-risk time on Australian roads as more people are heading away to visit family or friends.

"Statistics demonstrate that the risk of an accident occurring increases for individuals who travel longer distances, travel on unfamiliar roads, are tired or who speed.

"All road users share equal responsibility for road safety, however there are some simple tips and advice general road users can follow when sharing the road with heavy vehicles, particularly understanding how these types vehicles behave.

"For general road users, following simple tips such as giving heavy vehicles adequate distance, not cutting in front, and only overtaking heavy vehicles when you can see that there is adequate room in front to stop will ensure you arrive at your destination safely.

"Patience – it is better to lose a few minutes on the roads than to lose your life."

Anderson also thanks the association’s members for supporting the VTA and industry this year.

"We wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year and urge all motorists to take every pre-caution to keep themselves, family and friends safe on the roads and elsewhere. I look forward to seeing what 2020 holds for our industry."


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