Company cops fine after asbestos crash spill

Truck was refused entry to waste facility before incident

Company cops fine after asbestos crash spill
An asbestos warning sign


A company whose truck spilled asbestos material in a road crash has been penalised by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Building firm Mega Works Constructions has to pay $1,500 - for not using the waste location tracking system for the transport of asbestos - after the incident that occurred in September this year.

EPA explains the truck had been refused entry to a waste facility because it was suspected that the load contained asbestos.

The truck was later involved in a traffic accident between Kellyville and Marsden Park.

Samples of the spilled demolition waste material confirmed the presence of asbestos. 

The movement of the waste had not been recorded in WasteLocate as required by Clause 79 of the Waste Regulation.

The volume of the load was estimated to be more than 7 tonnes.

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The EPA notes the circumstances of the incident could have put the health of emergency responders at risk.

"The handling and management of asbestos is crucial to protecting our communities and the environment," EPA director waste compliance Greg Sheehy says.

"It is imperative that all regulations involving the removal, transportation and disposal of asbestos are adhered to.

"In this case the truck was involved in a motor vehicle accident spilling waste onto the roadway, potentially putting the health of emergency responders at risk.

"It’s essential that problem wastes are tracked during their transport not only to prevent illegal dumping but to ensure public safety."


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