Opinion: NTC ignores TruckSafe's high standards

By: Melissa Weller

Issues paper not accurate on accreditation scheme landscape

Opinion: NTC ignores TruckSafe's high standards
Melissa Weller


TruckSafe is a comprehensive, robust accreditation scheme, despite comments from the National Transport Commission (NTC) in their latest national truck law review issues paper.

In the ‘Assurance Models’ issue paper, the NTC states that "assurance schemes in the current Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) are not comprehensive in their coverage of heavy vehicle operations areas".

These comments are not accurate of the accreditation scheme landscape, and lump TruckSafe into the same category as all accreditation schemes. TruckSafe members will attest to the scheme’s high standards and comprehensive scope. This is why they join TruckSafe even though they do not receive the same regulatory benefits offered by other schemes.

Read more on the NTC's assurance issues paper for the HVNL review, here

Earlier this year the ATA and Australian Logistics Council launched the Master Industry Code of Practice, a set of clear guidelines for operators to meet their responsibilities under the HVNL. TruckSafe has revised its standards to align with the Master Code to ensure our members are doing all they can to ensure compliance and boost their business safety and productivity.

These high standards were formally recognised in an independent review of Australia’s heavy vehicle accreditation schemes by respected consultant Peter Medlock. The review found TruckSafe to be a robust scheme, and one that should be entitled to the same regulatory benefits as those in other schemes such as the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS). The report demonstrated a great potential for reform in the trucking industry, establishing a new basis for heavy vehicle accreditation in Australia.

The recommendations from the Medlock review should not be ignored.

TruckSafe has worked hard to develop a comprehensive set of standards and best-practice policies, and comments from the NTC that TruckSafe does not link "to obligations in the law very well" is simply incorrect.

The role of TruckSafe and Australia’s heavy vehicle accreditation schemes will be up for discussion at the upcoming ALC & ATA Supply Chain Summit. TruckSafe member and board member Julie Russell will join the session panel to explore the need for streamlined accreditation systems that offer all available regulatory concessions.

It’s time for TruckSafe to be properly recognised for what it is: a world-class business and risk management system with best-practice standards. 

Melissa Weller is safety, health and wellbeing director of the Australian Trucking Association


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