NTC sets review sights on accreditation schemes

Release of assurance issues paper next step in HVNL review

NTC sets review sights on accreditation schemes
Accreditation schemes like TruckSafe have been in operation for decades


The National Transport Commission (NTC) has released the next issues paper in the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) review process, seeking feedback on assurance models.

The NTC says purpose of the Assurance models item is to:

  • describe assurance frameworks and their role
  • summarise current assurance frameworks for heavy vehicles, and examine their purposes and how they operate
  • identify options for an assurance model for the future HVNL.

"Assurance schemes and mechanisms in the current HVNL are not part of a cohesive framework. They don’t link to each other or to obligations in the law very well," NTC comments in the issues paper.

"The schemes are also not comprehensive in their coverage of heavy vehicle operational areas.

"The current HVNL assurance schemes are also not consistent in the way they link to risk management roles. Under the NHVAS, sharing of risk management responsibility is limited.

"Of the four modules, only one requires operators to identify and manage their own risks.

"There are several assurance schemes, such as WAHVA and TruckSafe, that have similar purposes to the NHVAS but are not recognised under the HVNL. As a result, many operators participate in more than one scheme, even though this leads to duplicate effort and resources.

"Overall, the heavy vehicle assurance schemes in operation are not succeeding in providing the level of confidence needed by governments and other stakeholders."

Read the NHVR's response to the access issues paper, here

Submissions and online feedback for the Assurance models issues paper is due Friday, October 25 .

The NTC is still seeking feedback on the Improving safe people and practices and Vehicle standards and safety issues papers until tomorrow.

The next issue paper due for release in early September will explore the topic of compliance.

The Assurance models issues paper is available here.


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