Company fine prompts VicRoads load limits reminder

Company penalised $7,500 for 380mm overwidth truck load

Company fine prompts VicRoads load limits reminder
A VicRoads TSS vehicle


Roads and traffic and authority VicRoads has reminded operators to comply with load limits after a company was fined for a truck that was detected 380 millimetres overwidth.

On July 23, Poolcom Pty Ltd was penalised $7,500 in the Frankston Magistrates Court for breaching load restrictions after the load on a company vehicle was detected while travelling through Mornington 380mm overwidth due to tubes sticking out the sides of the tray of its delivery truck.

It was reported that, while the magistrate considered the incident a severe breach, he did not impose a maximum penalty as the company had no priors and had since put in protective measures to prevent similar incidents.

Read Victoria Police's view that ongoing enforcement fosters compliance, here

VicRoads therefore reinforces that operators – including businesses and drivers – must be aware of their responsibilities to transport loads appropriately and minimise risk on roads.

"We take safety very seriously, so it’s always disappointing when see drivers and heavy vehicle operators disregard laws which are in place to keep everyone safe on our roads," a Department of Transport spokesperson tells ATN.

"It’s a warning to other truck and heavy vehicle operators that if you don’t comply with your obligations or put the safety of the public at risk, you’ll potentially face potentially very serious consequences."

The Department of Transport notes its Transport Safety Services (TSS) officers regularly patrol Victorian roads and carry out inspections of vehicles to ensure they are complying with the law – working closely with Victoria Police and Worksafe Victoria to monitor and improve the safety of heavy vehicles.


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