ATA launches Cabover Cabinet initiative

Politicians gain industry insight from inside ATA’s Safety Truck

ATA launches Cabover Cabinet initiative
Ben Maguire and Jim Molan with the Volvo Safety Truck


The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has launched a ‘Cabover Cabinet’ video series which sees politicians stepping into the ATA’s Volvo Safety Truck to gain an insight into the industry and discuss key issues in transport.

Cabover Cabinet gives politicians an opportunity to drive in a prime mover and have a one-on-one conversation with CEO Ben Maguire.

"Cabover Cabinet is about discussing the important issues facing the trucking industry and how it affects those who they represent," Maguire says.

"This is their chance to talk to the trucking industry," he said.

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The first Cabover Cabinet passenger was Senator Jim Molan, a former major general in the Australian army who has been a senator for New South Wales since 2017, representing the Liberal Party.

During the drive, Maguire and Molan discuss the role trucking and small business plays in the Australian economy, fuel security, the need for increased and improved rest areas, and industry regulation.

"Senator Molan understands the importance of the trucking industry and how integral it is to Australia’s economy and way of life,’ Maguire says.

"The experience gave Senator Molan an insight into the issues we deal with from day to day and the role government can play in improving outcomes.

"It was also a good opportunity to build positive relationships and make room for clear discussion."

The first video can be viewed below.

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