Hays sees high transport and logistics skills demand

Sector is strong but employers continue to seek flexibility and experience

Hays sees high transport and logistics skills demand
Turnover is high at wharves due to high pressure


Intelligent transport and logistics workers with multiple skills and flexibility are in high demand as the Australian economy continues to perform well.

That is the core message from recruitment firm Hays in its latest Hotspots of skills in demand report for the first half of the calendar year.

Employers are looking for candidates with "a strong knowledge of systems and processes and a history of reducing costs, achieving demanding KPIs and diverse experience.

"Employers also want candidates with a wide technical skill set who they can utilise to their full potential."

Top of the list are transport allocators, especially in eastern states but heavy-duty truck drivers.

"Within the transport industry, strained transport networks in Sydney and Melbourne will continue to fuel demand for transport allocators," Hays analysts state.

"With a busier transport sector in Brisbane, there is a need for transport allocators and experienced transport supervisors and managers to lead operations. Employers require candidates with experience in a similar role.

Lateral thinking transport coordinators and managers who cope well under pressure and find the best route at the cheapest rate are also in demand.

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Casual HR drivers as well as MC drivers with a Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) card are needed. So are HR and HC drivers who are open to a multi-skilled role such as driving and labouring.

In an indication that port throughput is still very strong, wharf fleet controllers are also sought "in response to turnover due to the high pressure work environment.

"Employers look for candidates with wharf experience and a secure, stable and successful career within this space."

Within warehouse and distribution, warehouse managers and supervisors are needed.

"Candidates must be analytically sound with a proactive approach to KPIs," the report says.

"As companies continue to appreciate the benefit of improving logistical efficiencies, candidates who can track, monitor and manage KPI performance are highly sought after.

"In a localised trend, New South Wales' growing 3PL footprint is leading to demand for warehouse managers, logistics coordinators and analysts.

"Employers want to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved and KPI’s and contracts are being met.

"Expectations from 3PL employers are growing and they therefore look for candidates who can ensure service delivery levels are being met, if not exceeded."

Forklift operators skilled in operating different attachments and high reach forklift operators are also sought.

"While forklift operators are available, those with attachment and high reach expertise are rare, as are those who have worked in busy warehouses and have strong navigation skills," the report says.

More generally, Hays sees tensions and torsions affecting a busy national scene.

"Recruitment activity will remain buoyant during the first half of the year, especially for highly-skilled professionals who perform non-routine tasks that are not subject to automation," Hays Australia and New Zealand Nick Deligiannis says.

"With several major infrastructure projects underway or soon to commence across the country, the resurgence of the resources industry, technological transformations and a widening talent mismatch, the demand for skilled professionals is expected to rise even further over the coming six months."

The full report can be found here.


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