ALC expresses disappointment at EV report scope

Chance to address freight opportunities missed, peak body states

ALC expresses disappointment at EV report scope
EV design rules failed to make the report


The inability of senators to address freight issues in their electric vehicles (EV) report has garnered a strong response from the Australian Logistics Council (ALC).

ALC CEO Kirk Coningham views the Senate Select Committee on Electric Vehicles final report recommendations as missing "clear opportunities" to boost the uptake of EVs in the sector, particularly for heavy trucks, while acknowledging that some ALC advice was picked up

"There is clearly a willingness within this industry to move towards greater use of EVs in freight delivery," Coningham says.

"It is disappointing that the Committee has not supported that positive attitude by explicitly addressing freight vehicles in its recommendations to the Government.

"It is especially perplexing that the Committee recommends establishing national EV targets for light passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles and metropolitan buses – but is silent on establishing a similar target for heavy vehicles."

Read about the Senate select committee’s report recommendations, here

The committee’s last two recommendations advised Standards Australia involvement in wiring and charging along with calling on the body to "establish a series of national standards in relation to EVs".

But, the ALC is also concerned at the lack of attention to vehicle design rules.

"It is similarly disappointing that the report did not take the opportunity to recommend a review of the Australian Design Rules, to that they can better accommodate the unique size and shape of some electric freight vehicles," Coningham says.

"ALC is pleased that the report does make recommendations on some of the issues raised in our submission, including the need to facilitate the rollout of charging infrastructure and ensure the energy network is able to sustain a reliable supply of energy to power EVs.

"However on the whole, these recommendations fall well short of the type of action that is needed to hasten the uptake of EVs in the freight logistics sector."

"One opportunity that was clearly missed was a recommendation to establish a Low Emission Vehicle Contestable Fund, similar to one already operating in New Zealand.

"Indeed, the report specifically refers to the New Zealand fund in its commentary and notes its benefits – but does not follow through by recommending a similar initiative for Australia.

"Just last week, the New Zealand Government announced a further round of projects to be supported though its fund, including projects specifically focused on the freight sector designed to showcase the capabilities of long-haul heavy electric vehicles.

"Similar initiatives will need to be adopted in an Australian context if freight logistics operators are to be encouraged to incorporate EVs into their own operations. This is something ALC will be pursing in its pre-Budget submission and in ongoing discussions with the Federal Government."

"ALC’s Electric Vehicles Working Group will continue to pursue these matters with all political parties in the lead up to this year’s federal election."

The full report can be found here.


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