TMR in Toowoomba Second Range Crossing decoupling enquiry

NatRoad comments on proposed facility location and toll charges

TMR in Toowoomba Second Range Crossing decoupling enquiry
A government render of the crossing


The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is seeking industry feedback on a proposal to provide a decoupling facility east of Toowoomba at either Gatton or Dinmore for type 1 road trains using the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC).

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) has commented on the proposal, and also states that, as TSRC will be a toll road, it has additionally asked for consultation from TMR on proposed toll fees for heavy vehicles as part of ensuring pricing is fair and transparent.

On the decoupling facility, it notes that despite Dinmore being closer to Brisbane and therefore preferred by heavy vehicle operators, TMR has indicated that Dinmore is not a suitable option in the short term.

"TMR has determined that access for type 1, 36.5m road train combinations would potentially create an unsafe road environment for all road users east of the Gatton interchange," NatRoad says.

"The safety-related factors include the significant increase in traffic volumes past this point and the number of at-grade intersections joining the Warrego Highway that require upgrading to ensure the safe operation for vehicles entering and leaving this road corridor.

"Given these issues, NatRoad supports a decoupling facility at Gatton, being a significant improvement over the current Oakey decoupling point."

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On the matter of tolls, NatRoad says consultation with industry will help government and toll operators understand the impact of the toll on transport operations and in turn will help transport operators understand the basis for calculating the tolls.

"We have also asked that heavy vehicle operators be given sufficient notice on the toll levels before they commence so that they have enough time to account for this additional cost in their contracts.

"TMR has advised that the Queensland Government is still considering toll levels for the TSRC along with consultation arrangements."

TSRC construction is due for completion in mid-2019.


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