NSW RMS to launch damaged number plate review

QTA intervenes after Queensland operators note excessive penalties

NSW RMS to launch damaged number plate review
Gary Mahon


Queensland Trucking Association (QTA) reports it has taken action to resolve a major issue reported by Queensland heavy vehicle operators relating to damaged number plates being detected by Safe-T-Cams on New South Wales roads.

With some operators facing imminent court action to contest fines, QTA CEO Gary Mahon took the issue to NSW roads minister Melinda Pavey’s office to draw attention to an inconsistency where Queensland registered heavy vehicles with damaged/illegible number plates were being issued fines – both to the driver and vehicle owner. 

The infringement was for permitting and/or driving an unregistered vehicle on New South Wales roads.

Read more about how the number plate issue unfolded, here

Queensland laws allow 14 days to rectify or replace number plates. QTA notes the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), Compliance and Enforcement Bulletin No. 4, treats it as a defect with a self-clearing notice.

Following consultation, NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) will be conducting a January review into the applicable legislation in other jurisdictions, engaging with cross-jurisdictional stakeholders.

Infringements issued since the matter was raised by QTA with Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (QTMR) support will be reviewed and may be withdrawn, and during the review period no new infringements will be issued for this offence.

"Subsequent to our representations, the leadership of Minister Pavey on this national issue is to be commended." Mahon says.

"Credit where it is due, her response has been immediate with action being taken to review the legislation.

"Rectifying damaged plates in a reasonable time-frame with a self-clearing defect notice is a fair response. Fining drivers thousands of dollars for what is often an animal strike is manifestly unjust.

"This issue has national implications and Minister Pavey has given a fair response in quick time and we appreciate this prompt action as we finish 2018."


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