CILTA award winners honoured as Hassall named chair

Logistics and transport achievements lauded; Kim Hassall replaces Neville Binning at helm

CILTA award winners honoured as Hassall named chair
Kim Hassall


The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia (CILTA) announced its 2018 Transport and Logistics Industry Excellence and Innovation Award winners in Fremantle recently.

The awards recognises outstanding indiviuals, companies and organisations for their acievements in industry for the past year.

Furthermore, Kim Hassall was also appointed the new national chair for the organisation.

A former chair of CILTA Victoria, Hassall established CILTA's national Centre for Continuing Professional Development, which he will still direct.

"It is a real honour to take up this role from my predecessor Dr Neville Binning and such historic and dedicated past chairs as Ted Butcher, Len Harper and more recently Andrew Stewart," he says.

"There are a few very exciting upcoming international and domestic initiatives that we will be attempting to put in place in the near future. These will strongly underpin our mission as the 'go to' network for T&L career development through our partners.

"We have a great national council that are drawn from our foundation of state chapters and we will still be very reliant on them. CILTA’s Fellows' network is also without peer in the industry, and they won't be absent in going forward."

Australia recognised internationally by CILT. Read more, here

CILTA’s award winners included:

Young Professional of the Year: Dr Catherine Lou from Victoria University.


"Catherine has been a key proponent for entrepreneurship in the logistics and supply chain data analytics streams for Victoria University’s domestic and offshore degree programs," Cilta notes.

Loudeveloped and led the young Australian leaders program to China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou) over the last three years since 2015, for entrepreneurial students and professionals and start-ups, that included supply chain and logistics young entrepreneurs.

"All participants had commented that this program has open doors for them and had been a milestone in their future careers. She has also been a leading Australian intermediary in utilising the Confucius Institute network for potential Australian logistic entrepreneurs."

Professional Woman in Logistics and Transport for 2018: Anna Chau from Infrastructure Australia


Chau is currently the acting chief executive officer at Infrastructure Australia, where she is also the executive director of project advisory.

"Anna advises all levels of governments on infrastructure investment priorities and leads the development of the national Infrastructure Priority List. Anna’s work over the last three years has institutionalised the Priority List. The March 2018 publication of the list identified over $55 billion worth of potentially ‘nation-shaping’ investment priorities, covering 12 projects and 84 initiatives," CILTA says.

"As IA’s chief economist, she also oversees the ongoing development of IA’s Assessment Framework which was recently updated in March 2018."

Excellence and Innovation in Moving Freight: Fremantle Port

"A critical component to a port’s operation, the efficient interaction between the wharves and the wider hinterland is often overlooked. Fremantle Ports has placed a special focus on these activities in recent years," CILTA says.

"A key area of this emphasis, is the operations of heavy vehicles within the Inner Harbour precinct. Previously, Fremantle Ports had only rudimentary visibility of heavy vehicle activities in this area. Consequently, it had little influence during periods of operational stress.

"Fremantle Ports then invested in developing an innovative software and hardware technology-based control system. This provided it with a unique degree of visibility of landside road operations and, more critically, influence on those operations. This was progressively developed as a set of interlocking sub-systems.

"Detection and reporting elements in Vehicle Detection (VDS) and Queuing Control Systems (QCS), provide the operational intelligence to perform health checks on the system. When issues arise, these systems provide warnings to allow corrective action. Should congestion develop and an on-port operation requires relief, a Congestion Management System (CMS) kicks in to divert vehicles away to safe areas while the congestion is rapidly tackled.

"The automated messaging and direct-to-driver telematics-powered Driver Information Service (DIS) also provides immediate information to enable transport operators to make timely, informed decisions.

"This highly effective congestion visibility and control solution, unique in design, application and operation, was devised using a highly innovative mix of technologies and bespoke programming.

Fremantle Port was also recipient of the Excellence and Innovation in Humanitarian and/or Defence Transport and Logistics award.

Excellence and Innovation in Moving People: Gold Coast City Council

Gold Coast City Council had to ensure its transport network was ready to facilitate the required games overlay (including significant capital and maintenance upgrades) and to keep the city moving during the event through the successful delivery of the Travel Demand Management (TDM) program.

The TDM program successfully influenced travel behaviour to make efficient use of the transport network. More than 7 million estimated trips were taken from April 4-15.

Excellence and Innovation in Safety: eStore Logistics

"eStore Logistics conducted an expansive and detailed audit as part of the company’s ‘Safety First’ continuous improvement program. The audit findings and root cause analysis identified an unsatisfactory risk of pedestrian and forklift collision and risk of strain and fatigue during fulfillment activities," CILTA says.

Several safety initiatives were implemented from this, including safety equipment, processes changes and warehouse management system algorithms which allocate work in a manner that segregates people and forklifts and manage fatigue and strain. The result was zero reported near miss incidents between pedestrians and forklift operators over the past nine months and improved staff morale and productivity.


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