Peden departs for Volvo role abroad

Top Malaysia post for truck-maker's veteran Australian executive

Peden departs for Volvo role abroad
Mitch Peden, Volvo's vice-president of sales for Australia is moving to Malaysia to tackle the role of Managing Director for Volvo.


Long-term Volvo Trucks Australia vice-president of sales Mitch Peden is packing his bags for a change of scenery as MD of Volvo Malaysia. 

Peden kicked things off with Volvo Trucks Australia 13 years ago as regional sales manager before moving on to become the vice-president of marketing communications, finally taking on the role of vice-president of sales for Australia and Oceania.

Reflecting on his time at Volvo Trucks in Australia, he says the development the truck maker experienced during that time is what he has found striking. 

"It's been pleasing to see Volvo grow into a power house brand in the Australian market," Peden continues.

"The strategy was moving away from something we're not, the show and shine American stuff, and focusing on our safety and enviornmental background.

"As societies, industries and customers moved into the safety and fuel efficiency space, it's been great to see the brand cut through.

"We've worked very hard on the product and relationships with customers in Australia, which is one of our big strengths."

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Peden is looking forward to tackling a different market in Malaysia and believes it's one set for great things.

"This is a significant opportunity and the Southeast Asia market is a big growth opportunity for Volvo."

Volvo Group Australia CEO Peter Voorhoeve thanked Peden for his time down under, wishing him well in the Malaysian role.

"It was great to have Mitch in our team. The Volvo results in the market show his professionalism and dedication. Malaysia is a lucky country," Voorhoeve says. 


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