NTI seeks industry help to find new restoration truck

By: Cobey Bartels

Insurer wants suggestions on its next restoration project

NTI seeks industry help to find new restoration truck
Peeter Liiv and Don Greer with the 1946 Inter they restored last year for NTI...a real beauty!


Following the overwhelming success of NTI's 1946 International K5 restoration last year, which raised much-needed funds for Motor Neurone Disease, the insurer has put the call out to the trucking industry for help finding their next project.

NTI is urging the trucking industry to head to their Facebook page or Truck Assist Forum, and suggest where their next restoration project might be hiding.

Have you seen an old banger in need of some TLC in a yard, a mate's shed, or in a paddock somewhere? 

Well, let NTI know because they are planning on putting together a shortlist and then a public vote for their next project truck.

They're also taking suggestions on where the new truck should live - reckon it belongs in a museum or on the mean streets?

If the last restoration was anything to go by, with NTI legends Don Greer and Peeter Liiv delivering a sensational finished product, this one will be a ripper!

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