VTA welcomes Guy’s big underpass promise

Anderson supports state opposition leader’s $5 billion plan as Donnellan raises doubts over project feasibility

VTA welcomes Guy’s big underpass promise
Guy's plan is expected to reduce congestion on Melbourne roads.


The Victorian Transport Association (VTA) has welcomed state opposition leader Matthew Guy’s pledge to install underpasses at 50 key Melbourne intersections if he wins next year’s state election.

Guy has pledged to remove several intersections and build new underpasses in order to reduce congestion on the roads.

The project is expected to cost between $4.1 billion to $5.3 billion.

Although current roads minister Luke Donnellan has raised doubts whether the project will in fact benefit the community, given the lack of a sound policy proposal by the Liberals.

Donnellan says there will be several network and operational factors to consider before the project can take shape.

However, VTA CEO Peter Anderson says the association is supportive of any project that reduces congestion and leads to more harmonious and safer roads.  

"By replacing traffic lights and roundabouts with underpasses at key bottlenecks, this project is another step in the right direction towards getting Melbourne’s traffic flowing," Anderson says.

"If properly implemented, the installation of these underpasses has the potential to improve safety and community amenity, boost economic productivity and lead to safer roads for all road users.

"The VTA has been calling for infrastructure improvements for some time now, and it’s great to see that both major parties have been listening and are stepping up to the plate to tackle the issue congestion.          

"We look forward to continuing to consult with all levels of government, to ensure the transport industry is well represented during the planning and implementation phases of future infrastructure projects."

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