Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, Carlon says

By: Anjali Behl

NSW Centre for Road Safety video reminds motorists to be mindful around trucks

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, Carlon says
The video is part of the Be Truck Aware campaign.


Road safety is a shared responsibility that requires mindfulness by all road users, including truck drivers and other motorists, New South Wales Centre for Road Safety says.

"Everyone has a part to play in staying safe on our roads – so whether you’re walking, cycling, riding or driving – always Be Truck Aware," NSW Centre for Road Safety executive director Bernard Carlon tells ATN.

As part of its ‘Be Truck Aware’ campaign, the state government body has created a safety awareness video to highlight the importance of taking extra care around trucks.

Transport for NSW tells ATN that the purpose of the video was to give an idea to the general public about what a truck driver experiences behind the wheel.

"The video was developed to provide a new point of view for motorists – to get them to see and experience what a truck driver sees and experiences from the driver’s seat."

The video puts three experienced motorists, with a combined driving experience of over four decades, in a truck cab.

Each driver appears confident when asked whether it is safe to move the vehicle, only to be shocked to find what was in the truck’s blind spot.

"Our blind spots video aims to demonstrate to road users one of the challenges that truck drivers face every day," Carlon says.

"Truck drivers are looking out for you, so you should look out for them – it’s a shared responsibility."

The video has proved popular.

"As of November 13 the video had reached over 4.4 million people, with a massive 1.6 million people viewing it and over 36,000 sharing," Carlon says.

"They’ve had almost 6,000 comments and feedback on the video is overwhelmingly positive."

Watch the video here:

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