Hall of Fame management threatens to leave NT

By: Cobey Bartels

Theft and vandalism has cost the museum $100,000 in the past two years

Hall of Fame management threatens to leave NT
The Hall of Fame may not be in Alice Springs much longer.


The National Road Transport Hall of Fame may relocate from Alice Springs to Broken Hill, following a soft approach to crime from the Northern Territory government.

Hall of Fame chief executive Liz Martin told ATN the state government’s lenient approach to dealing with the theft and vandalism isn’t cutting it, and is contributing to the potential move away from Alice Springs.

Martin estimates that $100,000 worth of damage has been inflicted in the past two years, and $10,000 of damage was done to a volunteer vehicle just this month. 

"I want the Northern Territory government to stand up and take action and make these criminals responsible and accountable," she says.

"Take it back to a parental level if need be."

The security efforts at the Hall of Fame have been intensive, with volunteers working night and day to try and keep the equipment safe.

"We already have CCTV, high fences, barb wire, and people sleeping in museums and around the grounds…we do nightly security," Martin says.

"My staff and volunteers are demoralised and frightened."

Property has been donated in Broken Hill, according to Liz, but the decision to move is pending the NT government’s response to the crime.

"I see the chief minister on Thursday and pending that outcome we will call members and make a decision."

Martin told ATN she has been offered property in Tarcutta and Mildura and when asked what the implications of moving south will be, she assured that it will be a better position the Hall of Fame.

"The silver lining in all this adversity is that a shift south brings us to where our membership base is, our volunteer base is, and where our funding sources are," she says.

"It will make us better resourced and it will be easier to resolve compliance issues.

"Lots of analysing to do yet."

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