Victorian Grain Harvest Scheme to increase grain payload

VTA says fewer trips mean safety and profit margins will increase

Victorian Grain Harvest Scheme to increase grain payload
Peter Anderson welcomes the announcement.


Victoria is set to follow New South Wales in implementing a 5 per cent increase in payload to trucks carrying grain during the harvest season of October 1 to April 30 2018.

The Grain Harvest Management Scheme allows participants a 5 per cent mass concession above the statutory general mass limit.

It’s available to anyone transporting grain from a farm to a participating grain receiver, provided the vehicle is manufactured on or after January 1, 2002.

Currently just three grain receivers: Emerald Grain, Viterra and Broadbent Grain, are on the VicRoads list.

NSW – who implemented a similar scheme in 2013 - has 21 participating grain receivers.

Victorian Transport Association (VTA) CEO Peter Anderson welcomes the announcement and says the scheme will give operators flexibility to be able to transport more grain safely.

"Provisions made for bigger loads mean fewer trips for operators, which will improve their profit and safety margins."

According to VicRoads the scheme has been initiated partly due to the difficulty of accurately loading trucks on farms with grain.

The 5 per cent leeway allows trucks to be loaded to their capacity without fear of breaching regulations.

VicRoads director of heavy vehicle services Eric Henderson says the scheme will support farmers to be more productive, as well as ensure trucks spend less time on the road by reducing the number of trips made between farms and grain receivers.

"This is the busiest time of year for farmers…time savings also increases the focus on safe driving. They can get back to business sooner."

The Grain Harvest Management Scheme will be evaluated by VicRoads after the first year.

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