Hays highlights T&L recruitment drive

Aggressive pricing strategies geared to win new business on lower margins seen squeezing salaries

Hays highlights T&L recruitment drive
Hays sees loyalty as being valued


Recruitment activity is increasing across all job levels in the broad transport and logistics space, employment firm Hays reports.

That said, challenging environment means costs remain tightly managed in the sector.

"Across Australia, positive productivity is linked to efficiency improvements, be that in warehousing, transport or supply chain," the company says in its Hays Quarterly Report forecast for the last calendar quarter.

"Companies are targeting candidates who have a strong knowledge of systems and processes, combined with a proven track record in reducing costs and achieving demanding KPIs.

"3PL providers continue to grow thanks to the trend towards outsourcing logistics functions.

"However, aggressive pricing strategies geared to win new business on lower margins are squeezing salaries and creating a significant gap between large providers and smaller transport companies.

"Consequently, many organisations have centralised their processes in a regional office to remain competitive."

Lots of skills

Another trend, companies are streamlining processes to improve efficiencies and as such want their staff to possess a broad skillset.

For example, transport supervisors will often need to have relevant truck licences to be able to provide relief.

"Given skill shortages, employers need to be proactive and quick when recruiting as good candidates are not on the market long," the report says.

"As project activity increases, candidates with strong continuous improvement backgrounds will be in high demand."

In localised trends, South Australia continues to see opportunities and knock-on movement across all levels thanks to the recent establishment of a large retailer.

"We expect vacancy activity to rise for warehouse staff, particularly those with supervisory experience," Hays says.

South Australia’s SMEs are also expected to create new headcount at management level as they grow.

In the Northern Territory, due to seasonal peaks and troughs, the reliance on a fluid temporary and casual workforce continues.

While certain traditional roles are regularly mentioned in its takes on the sector, Hays notes two that rarely are.

"Sheet metal workers are in high demand, however this is a niche specialism facing a skill shortage, and therefore supply fails to meet demand," it says.

"CNC [computer numerically controlled] machinists are needed too. This is another niche specialism that is facing a skill shortage."

Of the traditional roles, HR-MC drivers are sought, due to seasonal factors.

Fleet Controllers with wharf experience are in high demand, especially for night shifts "where the ability to work autonomously, at pace and manage large numbers of drivers within a reactive environment is crucial to success".

Demand and supply planners with fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) experience are highly sought after given the fast paced nature of the role and the high level of attention to detail that is required. A strong underpinning enterprise resource planning (ERP) skill set is also valued.

Within the transport industry, and with more focus on compliance, logistics companies require individuals with relevant industry NHVAS qualifications.

Jobseeker trends

With strong competition in the market, candidates are seeking stable roles within established organisations, especially those within the FMCG industries.

Improved systems and efficiencies mean some candidates have been made redundant whilst other candidates are seeking opportunities to move into global organisations with greater opportunity for career progression.

"Millennials continue to strive for quick progress, however companies are focused on loyal individuals who can demonstrate a stable work history," Hays notes.

"With this in mind, candidates should be careful when selecting future positions; if they are the ambitious type, securing a role within a company that is able to offer internal progression should be the aim, as opposed to hopping from role to role.

"CVs are as ever a crucial area of focus when considering a new position.

"Specifically, candidates who are not only able to detail their roles and responsibilities across previous positions, but are able to communicate their achievements, really set themselves apart from the competition."


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