Loscam kicks off Pink Pallet Campaign

October sees pink pallets circulate around Australia to fundraise for breast cancer research


Loscam Teams

The sight of bright pink pallets is set to become common across warehouses and depots in Australia as pooling company Loscam launches its second annual Pink Pallet Campaign to raise money for breast cancer research.

The partnership with Australian and New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundations last year raised $4,900. 

Money is raised through donations from Loscam every time a customer sends in a photo of a pink pallet.

For each image received Loscam will donate $100 for the first registration of each pallet and $10 for each subsequent registration.

This year Loscam has also designed a hand-held mini pink pallet and pen, with all money raised through their sale to be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

"The response has been truly overwhelming and we are so grateful for the support from our amazing customer base," Loscam executive vice president of Australia and New Zealand Daniel Bunnett says.

"With the addition of miniature pallets and pens we look forward to raising a record amount for this fantastic cause."

Australia’s National Breast Cancer Foundation and Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand are not-for-profit charitable trusts who raise funds for research on preventative measures and cures for breast cancer.

Customers who find a pink pallet during the month of October are asked to send a photo of the pallet, along with members of their team, to pinkpallet@loscam.com.

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