ATA road safety campaign ahead of long weekend

ATA reminds motorists that truckies will still be at work despite the holiday

ATA road safety campaign ahead of long weekend
Increased traffic this long weekend has prompted the ATA to take their safety message to Facebook.


The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) is taking to Facebook to promote road safety, ahead of the long weekend. 

ATA chief executive Ben Maguire urges road users to be cautious of increased traffic and is pushing the message to motorists that truckies are still at work despite the holiday.

"Everyone is keen to get on with their journey, but safety has to come first," Maguire says.

"We all have an obligation to be patient and share the road, so a little understanding from all drivers will go a long way.

"There will be plenty more vehicles on the road, so always use common sense and be cautious. If you don’t feel up to driving, if you’re tired or feeling unwell, take a break, or let another driver takeover".

Maguire is urging drivers planning a getaway this long weekend to keep an eye on the ATA Facebook page for updates, video content and top tips.

"Remember also that truckies will still be out there on the roads working, so taking it easy will make everyone safer and help them do their job," Maguire says.

"Check out our safety videos and community service announcements that will be running across the holiday period. You can also take a look at our Facebook posts for more tips, advice and updates or visit" 

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