Perth speed camera enforcement begins September 6

Point-to-point speed cameras to monitor vehicle speed along two sections of Forrest Highway

Perth speed camera enforcement begins September 6
Michelle Roberts supports the new ASSCZ system.


Western Australia’s first speed camera safety zone will commence enforcement from next month, state police and road safety minister Michelle Roberts warns.

Northbound and southbound sections between Lake Clifton and Binningup on Forrest Highway will be subject to average speed regulations starting September 6.

The move comes after the state government approved amendments to the road traffic legislation, signalling the launch of WA’s inaugural Average Speed Safety Camera Zone (ASSCZ) that calls for penalties for speed infringements along the two 27km sections of the highway.

The ASSCZ system detects the speed of each vehicle at the entry and exit points of the zones.

It also captures the registration number and the time when a vehicle passes through the entry and exit points of the zone, then calculates the average speed which is compared to the posted speed limit.

If found breaching the maximum 100km/h speed limit, drivers will be issued fines.

Authorities believe that the new system will improve road safety along the two sections on Forrest Highway.

The site selection for the implementation of the first point-to-point speed cameras was based on an analysis of the crash data statistics within the zones.

There were 183 crashes that resulted in eight fatalities and 22 serious injuries on the two 27km sections of Forrest Highway between 2009 and 2016.

The ASSCZ system is the result of a six-month test and analysis of point-to-point speed cameras conducted by the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB).

"A six-month test period of the technology at the Forrest Highway site found a statistically significant decrease in the mean and high-level speeds, as well as a 14 per cent improved compliance of the posted speed limit within the zone," ARBB notes.

The police and the state government have launched awareness campaigns to inform motorists of the changed rules.

"The McGowan Government is committed to reducing road trauma on Western Australian roads, and speed is a significant factor in fatal and serious injury crashes in this state," Roberts says.

"The Average Speed Safety Camera Zone on Forrest Highway is an effective way to slow drivers down and ultimately save lives.

"This education campaign, which will include TV, radio, digital ads and billboards, begins two weeks prior to enforcement, and gives drivers plenty of notice if they speed on the Forrest Highway, they will be caught."

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