Employee SUV drivers rate worst in survey

TomTom Telematics says findings underline company reputation impact

Employee SUV drivers rate worst in survey
Frustration at driver behaviour can reflect on their companies


TomTom Telematics has put the spotlight on bad employee driving behaviour and its likely impact on company public profiles where they are identified on the vehicles involved.

TomTom Telematics commissioned international market research firm Pureprofile to gauge 1,000 consumers who hold a valid driving licence to identify who they believe are the best and worst drivers on the road, biggest driving gripes and how this is impacting businesses.

The survey comes just a month after rival communications firm Fleetmatics released a survey highlighting fleet manager concerns over the financial  costs of misuse and the ability to measure it.

The TomTom Telematics survey found 52 per cent of motorists have been put in a dangerous position by commercial drivers 10n per cent of whom have admitted to driving recklessly in a company vehicle over the last year.

The risk to businesses reputations in plain, with 77 per cent of Australian motorists less inclined to do business with companies whose drivers drive unsafely or discourteously.

That’s bad news for companies who have SUVs in their fleets, with 32 per cent of those surveyed claiming they are the worst drivers on the road.

Truck drivers (29 per cent), motorcyclists (29 per cent) and ute drivers (28 per cent) were also in the bottom four.

TomTom Telematics Australia sales manager Christopher Chisman-Duffy believes it is important that business owners do more to improve the driving standards of their employees.

"I think business owners may be surprised by the results of this survey and the extent to which poor driving standards can impact their companies and reputations," Chisman-Duffy says.

"This is going to become an important factor for business, as consumers increasingly expect services delivered directly to their door.

"Telematics technology can play a key role in helping companies tackle issues around driving standards by providing employees with access to the appropriate training, guidance and technological aids."

"While telematics has traditionally been the focus of fleet managers and operations directors, this survey clearly shows it should be on the radar of the marketing department.

"By improving how they are perceived on the road and addressing driving behavior, businesses can establish themselves as responsible brands worthy of consumer trust."

In the past year, have you been put into a dangerous situation due to the driving habits of commercial drivers?

In The Past Year , Have You Been Put Into A Dangerous Situation Due To The Driving Habits Of Commercial Drivers

In the last year, have you driver a company car recklessly (only asked to people who have driven a company car in the last year)

In The Last Year , Have You Driver A Company Car Recklessly (only Asked To People Who Have Driven A Company Car In The Last Year)

Would you be less likely to do business with a company whose employees drive recklessly?

Would You Be Less Likely To Do Business With A Company Whose Employees Drive Recklessly

Worst Drivers on the Road (position in brackets)

Worst Drivers On The Road (position In Brackets)

Most Polite Drivers on the Road (position in brackets)

Most Polite Drivers On The Road (position In Brackets)

Which of the following do you have gripes with? Drivers who: (position in brackets)

Which Of The Following Do You Have Gripes With


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