City policies must consider freight demands, ALC says

Submission outlines major challenges faced by T&L sector

City policies must consider freight demands, ALC says
Kilgariff supports freight corridor protection.


The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has pressed on the importance of efficient freight movement and corridor protection in a recent submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee.

The Committee is conducting an inquiry into the Australian Government's role in the development of cities.

ALC's submission outlines five major challenges faced by the transport sector in the recent years:

  • urban encroachment
  • lack of freight corridor protection
  • CBD delivery
  • freight and passenger transport infrastructure
  • insufficient integration of new and existing transport infrastructure.

ALC MD Michael Kilgariff says the government must consider easy movement of freight while developing and implementing city policies, particularly as operations at existing infrastructure facilities are facing the perils of urban encroachment.

"While urban renewal has become a policy priority for state and local governments, the reality is land-use changes, made to allow further residential and commercial developments, are increasingly impinging on the efficiency of Australia’s supply chains," Kilgariff says.

"Operations at nationally significant infrastructure facilities such as Port Botany, Fremantle Port and the Port of Melbourne are, or are at risk of, being constrained due to urban encroachment.

"A truly safe and efficient supply chain needs to be able to operate round-the-clock, so that freight movement is able to occur at all times and operators can take advantage of off-peak road traffic volumes.

"ALC’s submission also discusses the importance of corridor protection.

"For example, a recent study by Infrastructure Australia found that, with adequate corridor protections in place, $66 million could be saved when a future freight rail line is constructed to the Port of Brisbane.

"A discussion on CBD freight delivery, the separation of passenger and freight infrastructure and insufficient integration of new and existing transport infrastructure also forms part of ALC’s submission."

The importance of freight delivery has also been discussed during ALC’s consultations on the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy, Kilgariff says.

The Committee will hold a public hearing in Canberra on August 11, when submitters will have a chance to discuss their suggestions in detail.

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