RMS to focus on brakes after compliance effort

By: Rob McKay

NSW authorities give LBRCA the statistics on primary producer performance

RMS to focus on brakes after compliance effort
Grain cartage compliance in NSW is good


Compliance in the New South Wales industry segment involved in primary produce transport stacks up quite well but Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) sees room for improvement on brakes – and not just in rural areas.

"Roads and Maritime Services will focus on heavy vehicle brake road worthiness as part of its ongoing compliance and enforcement operations," a spokesperson confirms to ATN.

"This is in response to an increasing number of brake defects across the heavy vehicle fleet."

Livestock, Bulk and Rural Carriers Association (LBRCA) representatives received recently a ‘Compliance Snapshot’ update for the 12 months to May 2017 from the government agency. 

The Snapshot includes information based on intercepts and notices issued to heavy vehicles carrying bulk grain commodities such as wheat, canola, sorghum and barley.

During the reporting period, more than 17,900 heavy vehicles were intercepted while carrying such loads and of these:

  • 3,900 offences were identified resulting 856 notices being issued
  • 1.9 per cent of all notices issued were minor defects and 0.3 per cent major defects

"The overall notice to vehicle unit intercept rate was 4.8 per cent which is below the average notice to intercept rate for the HV fleet, RMS reports. 

More than 2,400 defect related faults were identified with heavy vehicles carrying primary produce

These included 2,132 (88 per cent) of the defects identified were minor and 289 (11 per cent) were major in severity.

The most significant major defect fault type relates to brakes, at 41.5 per cent, while 1,079 offences (27 per cent) were mass related and 344 breaches (32 per cent of all mass breaches) resulted in a direction to reduce load.

"Not surprisingly, brakes are approximately 24 per cent of major defect faults across the heavy vehicle fleet and will be a focus for RMS enforcement and compliance activities in the next financial year," the LBRCA says.

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