More road rule changes impact trucks in Victoria

RACV says there should be a mandatory minimum consultation period before rules become law

More road rule changes impact trucks in Victoria
Recent road rule changes affect trucks.


The recent introduction of new roads rules by the Victorian government came with little warning for road users, and the changes are still being questioned almost three weeks after being rolled out.

The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) says the lack of transparency and notification about the many changes introduced on 1 July has led to "major problems", with many road users not being aware of their new obligations.

RACV recently called on the state government for a better explanation of the rule changes earlier this month, as well as stating the need for more notice prior to their introduction.

It says there should be a mandatory minimum consultation period before the new rules came into effect "so that issues like those we’ve uncovered can be identified and resolved before the rules become law".

The fast-tracked road rule changes came into effect on July 1, and they included a previously declared rule of drivers being required to slow down to 40km/h for emergency services vehicles.

The 40km/h slow down rule includes situations when driving past stationary or slow moving emergency services or VicRoads’ enforcement vehicles with flashing red, blue or magenta lights, or sounding an alarm.

RACV says it has "already expressed concern at the practicality and safety of vehicles having to rapidly slow to 40km/h and we have called for a review to explore safer alternatives".

Changes for commercial vehicles include the ruling that to stop in a loading zone, courier or delivery vehicles must be dropping off or picking up goods – the previous rules didn’t actually require courier and delivery vehicles to be doing either when parked in a loading zone.

Another change allows the driver of a refrigerated food transport vehicle to leave a vehicle running while unattended, for the sake of food safety.

One more rule that will impact on trucks is the interaction with bicycle riders at intersections.

A driver must now give way to a bicycle when turning where bicycle crossing lights exist.

Drivers already must give way to pedestrians, but the change requires drivers to give way to bicycle riders as well.

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