HVIA in preventative maintenance call on brakes

Wright emphasises value of positive measurable approach to compliance

HVIA in preventative maintenance call on brakes
Brett Wright is concerned safety culture value remains unappreciated in some quarters


Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) expressed grave concern that recent enforcement campaigns have highlighted shortcomings in sectors of the trucking fleet’s servicing and maintenance.

The intervention follows a New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) pledge to focus on brakes after presenting rural transporters with a compliance snapshot that raised the issue.

HVIA chief executive Brett Wright says that the vast majority of operators are extremely professional in managing their fleet’s maintenance.

"There still appears to be too many operators who aren’t applying proactive solutions, however, and are allowing time, economic and work pressures to adversely affect their priorities. The answer is simple and it’s nothing new," Wright says.

"HVIA’s top tip for brake servicing is preventative maintenance; a rigid commitment to a program of scheduled servicing is proactive, not reactive.

"The best compliance is where a company also chooses to subject themselves to independent and regular auditing.  

"We expect it of companies with their financial records. It shouldn't even be a question when it comes to auditing safety."

"I was disturbed to read a comment from one fellow who was bemoaning that companies who are part of compliance schemes appeared to get an easier run with enforcement agencies.

"That he can't see that a company's audited compliance records demonstrate their culture of safety, is something that needs to be addressed. Instead, he feels that he is unlucky and being targeted because he has no, or poor records."

"Every operator of heavy vehicles, regardless of size, has a social imperative to take proactive steps," Wright adds.

"It all comes back to the implementation of a preventative maintenance program.

"This alone will allow every operator to look themselves in the mirror and sleep well at night."

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