Stewart named finalist in National Trucking Industry Awards

Truckline's territory business manager is nominated in the National Trucking Woman of the Year category

Stewart named finalist in National Trucking Industry Awards
Casey Stewart is in the running for the National Trucking Woman of the Year Award.


Trucking industry icon Casey Stewart has been announced as a finalist in the 2017 National Trucking Industry Awards.

The nomination is in recognition of her commitment to go above and beyond in her long-term role at Truckline.

A finalist in the category ‘National Trucking Woman of the Year’, Stewart is delighted to have been included amongst other esteemed and hard working women in the trucking industry.

"I can’t believe it, I’m so lucky to be able to work in a job, industry and community that I love, and for a fantastic company like Truckline, so to be nominated and now a finalist for an award like this is just amazing," Stewart says.

She has been in and around trucks her entire life and she never let gender stand the way of pursuing a career a male-dominated industry.

From baby to wedding photos, trucks and Stewart go hand-in-hand.

"My grandfather and father were both truck drivers for their entire working lives.

"I grew up in trucks, around trucks and learning about everything to do with trucks, so when I was 15 I knew I wanted to work in the industry."

Stewart has 25 years’ experience as a qualified diesel parts interpreter, which kicked off in front counter sales and progressed through a range of sales and management roles before being promoted to Truckline’s Territory Business Manager (Victoria and Tasmania) in October 2015.

When Stewart isn’t working as a territory business manager for Truckline, family is her priority and in their downtime the family enjoy four-wheel driving and camping, and of course anything related to trucks.

Stewart also happens to sing in a six-piece band called Shotgun Wedding, alongside truckie band members who she met working in the industry.

Truckline GM Mick Henderson says he’s proud of Stewart's nomination and commitment to her role at Truckline.

"Casey embodies everything that we value at Truckline – commitment to continuously learning, never settling for average service, and always going above and beyond for the customer and putting them at the centre of everything she does," Mick says.

"Casey has overcome stereotypes in this male-dominated industry, and gained everyone’s respect the old-fashioned way – by constantly learning and getting her hands dirty to demonstrate how good she is at every aspect of the job.

"I congratulate her and wish her well in the awards, we are all crossing our fingers for her!"

Stewart believes the trucking industry is one that can be very misunderstood by the general public and can be misrepresented by the media, so she works to change the perception out there.

Her intimate knowledge of the industry also means she understands just how costly it is to have a vehicle off the road for any amount of time.

Ensuring those in the industry can get the right parts when they need them is something she takes very seriously, because one wrong part, or unnecessary delays "could be the difference between being held over that night and not being mobile until the following day".

The implications and costs of this type of hold-up means there’s a delivery that doesn’t happen, there’s wages that aren’t paid, and the flow-on effect goes right down the line.

"The knock-on effect is awful," Stewart said as she spoke about keeping the wheels turning for customers.

"I take my job very seriously and my ability to help when needed is what I’ve built my entire career on."

Stewart makes herself available at all hours, taking calls on weekends from customers who she knows feel terrible about disturbing her, but are only calling because they’re desperate to get vehicles back on the road.

"It’s only a small contribution, but it’s the difference between my customer making money and losing money that week.

"That’s why I do what I do."

The awards will be presented at the gala dinner during Trucking Australia 2017, which will be held from June 21-23 at the Darwin Convention Centre.

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