TruckCare overhaul: Transparency and traceability

By: Cobey Bartels, Photography by: Cobey Bartels

ATA says TruckCare is the best option the industry has for livestock compliance as welfare concerns continue to grow

TruckCare overhaul: Transparency and traceability
Left to right: LRTA (WA) president and Chairman of TruckSafe Stephen Marley, TruckSafe General Manager Justin Fleming and ALTRA Executive Director Mat Munro


The Australian Trucking Association’s (ATA) TruckSafe accreditation has become well-known over its 21-year life as the road transport industry’s go-to risk mitigation tool.

A crucial component of TruckSafe is TruckCare, which covers animal welfare, offering an audited quality-assurance program for the livestock industry.

TruckCare focuses on the humane transportation of livestock, with a ‘paddock to plate’ focus on traceability and fair treatment, as well as ensuring the final meat product is safe.

ATA chief executive Ben Maguire says TruckCare is the best option the industry has for livestock compliance as welfare concerns continue to grow in the public eye.

"Because of its rigour, if you’re accredited under TruckCare then the way you’re followed up, trained, accredited and audited gives you the best tools to ensure you’re complying under a strong animal welfare code," Maguire says.

"The RSPCA has mentioned TruckCare in their manuals and we’re looking work with them on it.

"We’ve all seen what live export changes did, what greyhound changes did.

"It’s the feed lots, selling centres, abattoirs, farmers, the retail supply chains that are all going to start to have pressure put on them by the consumer to ensure animals are treated well in their transportation.

"There will be kids in a couple of years telling their parents they want to buy the TruckCare accredited beef; that’s where we want to go with it."

Maguire admits the TruckCare name doesn’t make it clear it’s an animal welfare initiative, which is something the ATA plans on addressing.

TruckSafe general manager Justin Fleming explains that the strengthening of the scheme benefits everybody from drivers through to consumers.

"TruckCare is going to be so important right through to the consumer, all the way through the chain," Fleming says.

"Customers overseas are very interested about how animals are being treated as they’re transported.

"There’s a growing list of customers that are really focused on selecting TruckCare operators because they know the trucks are right, the animals are right, the drivers are trained; that’s what everyone is looking for right through to consumers."

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