Use of electronic work diaries to triple in 12 months: study

Teletrac Navman says changes in regulations will encourage more operators to implement EWD

Use of electronic work diaries to triple in 12 months: study
The study notes that reasons for adopting telematics systems are based on the size of the fleets.


The use of electronic work diaries (EWD) could triple within the next 12 months, with many fleets able to activate functionality within existing telematics systems, a new study by Teletrac Navman suggests.

The research suggests EWD has "largest penetration within larger fleets", with almost a quarter with 25 or more heavy vehicles using the technology.

The research aimed to determine current perceptions of EWD within the road freight industry.

Although currently only 20 per cent fleets have a telematics system in place, Teletrac Navman’s Transtech division VP Andrew Rossington believes the number is expected to grow with new regulations that encourage operators to replace paper logbooks with EWD.

"The proposed changes in regulations on paper logbooks and EWDs presents a huge opportunity for transport operators to ensure compliance and improve driver efficiencies," Rossington says.

Implementation of EWDs shows how technology is improving driver behaviour, when you add Smartjobs and other solutions to that the efficiency savings are exponential."

The study suggests that the reasons for adopting EWD were based on the size of the fleets.

While majority of larger fleets say EWD help in monitoring driver behaviour, and safety and compliance matters, smaller fleets suggest the technology helps in eliminating reliance on "inefficient" paper records.

The reasons for interstate and long haul fleet operators to install EWD was also "largely based around driver monitoring and compliance", the report states.

"It’s easy to see why so many businesses plan on taking advantage of the proposed regulation changes and adopting electronic work diaries," Rossington says.

"For transport operators, keeping drivers safe and their business compliant is always top of mind.

"EWDs provide them with increased visibility into their fleet and enables automation of business tools, helping to combat driver fatigue and stay on top of complex legislator requirements."                                           

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