New GCCD rules to take effect from April 15

By: Anjali Behl

NSW Commission reaffirms earlier decision regarding carriage contract obligations

New GCCD rules to take effect from April 15
McMaster says ARTIO NSW and 'most other employer representatives' reached a consent position with the union on its demands.


The New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) has made a decision to vary the scope and area of application of the existing NSW General Carriers Contract Determination (GCCD) starting April 15, the Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation (ARTIO) NSW confirms.

The decision reaffirms IRC’s April 2016 decision relating to expansion of the determination to include two freight corridors - Sydney to Wollongong and Sydney to Newcastle, and not remain limited to County of Cumberland (Sydney metropolitan area) or within 50km from the owner-driver’s home base as set in the original GCCD guidelines.

This decision also confirms extension of coverage in non-rates areas to sectors such as furniture removals, refrigerated transport, cash in transit in non-armoured vehicles and pathology couriers (in vehicles less than two tonnes).

ARTIO NSW informs ATN that the decision to implement a proposed new rate structure under GCCD will not take effect until January 1, 2019, however, there will be a 2.5 per cent increase in standing rates effective April 15.

ARTIO NSW secretary/treasurer Hugh McMaster says the IRC decision highlights the fact that the existing determination had not undergone "substantial" review since its inception in 1984.

"Negotiations in the past 12 months focussed on the development of a rates structure that reflects as closely as possible actual operating costs, how to phase in the new rates structure as well as the scope of geographic coverage of the determination," McMaster says.

"The approach of the parties to these negotiations won praise from the bench given the complexity of the task involved."

The review is a result of an application by the Transport Workers Union (TWU) that expects to see changes in remuneration and contract obligations for NSW transport workers.

Industry bodies including the National Road Transport Association (NatRoad), Road Freight NSW, Victorian Transport Association (VTA), Livestock and Rural Bulk Carriers Association (LRBCA) have earlier expressed their concerns against the proposed changes.

"ARTIO NSW and most other employer representatives reached a consent position with the TWU, which recognised that a fair and reasonable outcome had been negotiated," McMaster says.

ARTIO NSW intends to run information sessions for its members to ensure they have a "practical resource" that outlines how rates and conditions under the varied determination will change.

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