Heavy vehicles will not benefit from ICB upgrades: QTA

By: Anjali Behl

Although unfair to truck operators, increased toll cost will have little impact on most, Mahon says

Heavy vehicles will not benefit from ICB upgrades: QTA
Mahon says QTA will push for dynamic road user charging system.


The proposed plan to increase toll charges in Brisbane will not affect many heavy vehicle operators as only a "relatively small number" of trucks use Clem7, Legacy Way and the Go Between Bridge, the Queensland Trucking Association (QTA) says.

However, QTA CEO Gary Mahon insists the increased cost has been "unfairly" passed on to heavy vehicles in sections that are primarily used by car drivers.

Yesterday, Transurban announced plans to impose a higher toll cost on vehicles starting next year to help fund the $60 million upgrade of the Inner City Bypass (ICB).

With the increased rate, heavy vehicles will have to pay almost $2 more on Clem7 and over $1 more on the Go Between Bridge.

Mahon says any increase in toll charge will pass down the supply chain to ultimately affect consumers.

"People need to remember that no matter what the cost increase is, it will be passed on to the consumer," he says.

"Somewhere along the chain, the consumer needs to meet that additional cost of transport."

While Transurban Queensland GM Wes Ballantine insists the benefits of the ICB upgrade will far outweigh the toll cost increase, Mahon says inner city upgrades have little value to heavy vehicle operators.

Mahon says while projects as such as the $500 million Logan Enhancement have "direct benefits" to truck operators, in case of the ICB there is "not really any investment being made that's of any great benefit to our members, but the yield is coming from them anyway".

Increased toll earnings are expected to fund the ICB upgrades including:

  • widening to four lanes in each direction between Legacy Way and the RNA tunnel
  • new on- and off-ramps along the ICB
  • bus priority measures at the Herston Road exit
  • new westbound on-ramp from Bowen Bridge Road and the Inner Northern Busway.

Both the state government and Transurban have been forthcoming and open during discussions with QTA, Mahon says.

The trucking body plans to continue to hold further discussions with the authorities as this plan moves ahead and to push for "dynamic road user charging system" in Brisbane.

The decision to increase toll charges was agreed upon by the City Council but awaits state government go-ahead.

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