Certified load restraint curtain system advisory

ATA's Chris Loose says the new TAP offers compliance guidance

Certified load restraint curtain system advisory
Chris Loose has unveiled ATA's latest technical advisory on certified load restraint curtain systems.


The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has released a new technical advisory on certified load restraint curtain systems (CLRC).

Developed by ATA’s Industry Technical Council (ITC), the consultative information aims to fill the "gaps" within the previous load restraint guidelines.

The main purpose of the new technical advisory procedure (TAP) is to offer operators and inspectors with guidance to ensure a common understanding of how to demonstrate compliance to the performance standard when load rated curtains form part of the load restraint system.

"This TAP has been developed with extensive input from both industry experts and enforcement offices from across Australia," ATA senior engineering adviser Chris Loose says.

"It was developed as a result of gaps in guidance identified within the second edition of the load restraint guidelines (LRG).

"It is expected that the TAP will feed into the review of the Guide currently underway by the National Transport Commission.

"It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide for restraining loads.

"This TAP also provides some basic information to manufacturers of CLRC systems on certification, modification, retrofitting and repairs.

"Understanding this information is critical for trucking operators to perform at their best".

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