Two major defect notices for Sydney trucking company

sydney raid sydney raid
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Braking standards infringements for trucking company working on WestConnex


Officers from the NSW police traffic and highway command and the Road and Maritime Services (RMS) issued two major defect notices during a compliance inspection at a Sydney-based trucking company located at Martin Road, Badgerys Creek yesterday.

The trucking company had been contracted by Sydney Motorway Corporation to work on the WestConnex project.

NSW police declined ATN's request to identify the trucking company.

According to Seven News, the company is owned by a Rebels bikie associate.

The raid involved officers escorting two truck and trailer combinations to the Wetherill Park heavy vehicle station for further inspection.

One of the trucks was issued a red label for major brake defects, in addition to faulty tyres and a non-compliant speed limiter.

A major brake air leak in the other truck resulted in another major defect notice.

The police says it will continue to raid heavy vehicle operators in an effort to "get unsafe trucks off the road".

"Tampering with speed limiters and cutting corners with truck safety, puts all road users at risk," NSW police traffic & highway patrol command superintendent Stuart Smith says.

"We make no apologies grounding trucks and issuing fines in order to make the roads safe for others."

The inspection was triggered by one of the drivers of the trucking company being issued an infringement notice for tampering with the truck’s speed on Friday.

The incident involved police inspecting a tipper and dog on Forrester Road, St Marys, when it was discovered that the vehicle could travel at a top speed of 159km/h.

"Operating a heavy vehicle of this type, a tipper truck pulling a dog trailer, with defective brakes can only lead to one outcome," RMS GM compliance operations Paul Endycott says.

"This is totally unacceptable and shows the culture surrounding some in the industry sector.

"That is why we are here and our task is to remove these vehicles from our road for the protection of others using the network.

"Roads and Maritime will continue to work closely with the NSW police highway patrol and all parties involved in the supply chain to ensure transport activities are safe and do not pose stupid and unnecessary risk to others on the road."

Last year, NSW Roads and RMS statewide operations manager Brett Patterson had raised maintenance and compliance concerns for heavy vehicles working across various construction sites in Sydney.


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