VTA's toll levy recommendation for members

The document aims to help Victorian operators navigate through the recent toll increases on CityLink

VTA's toll levy recommendation for members
Peter Anderson encourages members to approach VTA with any queries on how to implement a toll levy.


The Victorian Transport Association (VTA) has released a set of guidelines for its members outlining how to "fairly" and "justifiably" pass the upcoming toll increase on to their customers.

The industry body states that its Toll levy recommendation will help operators prepare for the upcoming CityLink toll increases by offering them a "clear and concise plan of action for recouping the sudden and dramatic increase in the toll rates for heavy vehicles".

"The document outlines exactly how they should do so fairly and justifiably, and runs operators through other methods of surviving this egregious and discriminatory increase," VTA states.

VTA CEO Peter Anderson, who spoke out against the "discriminatory" increase in toll charges, recommends that Victorian operators must apply a toll levy on each invoice to their clients to be able to survive this change.

The Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) made a similar suggestion earlier in its reaction to the toll hike, while the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) called the change "unacceptable and unsustainable" for truck operators.

"Many operators are at tipping point and this unprecedented, exorbitant and discriminatory toll increase will be the final nail in the coffin if left unchecked," Anderson says.

"The industry simply has no choice – pass it on or perish.                                           

"As such, the Victorian Transport Association is recommending that every Victorian transport operator apply a toll levy on every invoice to their customers.

"The VTA’s Toll levy recommendation walks operators through this process, ensuring they understand exactly how to do so in a fair and justifiable manner for both single and multiple consignments.

"The document also gives a clear overview and breakdown of the new charges and how they compare to the current costs.

"With an almost 125 per cent increase in some toll charges for heavy vehicles and ongoing CityLink construction meaning no productivity gains to show for it, operators have been forced to take action – we want to ensure they have a thorough understanding of all the avenues of recourse available to them.

"In many cases, we’re not talking about large transport and logistics companies, but owner-drivers who are already facing razor thin margins and struggling to make ends meet.

"Our Toll levy recommendation will hopefully give them the lifeline they need to survive this crushing blow, and I implore any VTA members with questions about how to implement a toll levy to get in contact with us."

VTA states the document, which was released across its membership base earlier this week, has been "well received".

With concerns that a similar change could occur on the Western Distributer toll route, VTA says it plans to continue working with Transurban and the state government to avoid further toll increases.

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