CCFSA joins others with qualified GlobeLink support

Civil contractors like what they see but want promised feasibility study

CCFSA joins others with qualified GlobeLink support
Phil Sutherland backs GlobeLink.


South Australia’s most intriguing freight infrastructure concept has gained in principle support from the state’s civil contractors’ body.

Like freight industry groups, to varying degrees, the Civil Contractors Federation of SA (CCFSA) wants analysis, by way of a promised feasibility study, to done before anything starts on the SA Liberals’ ambitious project.

But otherwise, it is in full support.

"The SA Opposition is often accused of not having any new policies, plans or visions, so the federation is pleased and encouraged to see the Liberals announcing such a positive vision for Adelaide and South Australia – something for which it should not be criticised," CCFSA CEO Phil Sutherland says.

"For many years, the Opposition has been the subject of much criticism for being a small target and not putting enough of its policies and plans into the public domain.

"And then when it does unveil a bold vision – like it has with its GlobeLink plan – it’s is widely criticised.

"If a strong economic case can be made via the project undergoing thorough due diligence, the multi-billion dollar project would address a multitude of long standing issues and also have the benefit of creating hundreds of jobs and providing long-term economic stimulus for this state."

Sutherland also supports the process suggested.

 "The feasibility study the Liberals are proposing is the proper course of action," he adds.

"We can all then judge the merit or otherwise of the idea when the full facts are known – including the cost benefit analysis and potential financing solutions.

"Bagging the idea from the get-go is not in the best interest of South Australia."

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