WARTA welcomes Bindoon bypass announcement

Minister Marmion says the selected route can achieve the best balance between freight efficiency, cost and social impact

WARTA welcomes Bindoon bypass announcement
Cam Dumesny says the next stages of the project must be expedited.


The selection of the Western Bypass route for Bindoon has met with Western Australian Road Transport Association’s (WARTA) approval.

The WA road transport body says construction of Bindoon bypass will remove the ongoing traffic bottleneck that results in loss of productivity and road safety concerns on the Great Northern Highway.

"Furthermore, once completed it will enable the Road Train Assembly area to move to Muchea, over 200 km closer to Perth," WARTA freight and logistics division manager Cam Dumesny says.

"Delivering a much needed productivity benefit to the businesses, communities and residents in the north of the state who depend on the WA road transport industry to support them."

WARTA is calling for the government and authorities to expedite the next stage, including funding, "so that construction can commence as soon as possible".

WA transport minister Bill Marmion says the selected route, presently named Western Bypass Corridor A, was chosen following stakeholder and community feedback.

"Corridor A achieves the best balance of cost, freight efficiency and social impacts - additionally, it can be built with minimal disruption to the existing highway," Marmion says.

"Main Roads identified safety and efficiency issues for road trains on the highway through the Bindoon town and on the steep grades of Bindoon Hill.

"An initial option combining the proposed eastern bypass of Bindoon and realignment of the highway over Bindoon Hill could have involved a very large cutting and been very expensive.

"Other options between Muchea and the Calingiri West Road turn-off provided better value for money, including sections of the previously endorsed Perth-Darwin National Highway alignment."

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