Roe 8 row raises WA rural trucking ire

Road infrastructure opposition continues to put trucking noses out of joint

Roe 8 row raises WA rural trucking ire
The Save Beeliar Wetlands group is finding things tougher in court these days


Western Australian rural transporters have given ‘Roe 8’ opponents piece of their mind over opposition to the project.

Livestock and Rural Transport Association of Western Australia (LRTAWA) members value the planned Kwinana Freeway to Stock Road extension which has become an environmental issue and a political and legal football.

LRTAWA president Stephen Marley says that Roe 8, part of the Perth Freight Link, is far from being a ‘road to nowhere’ as it will be a crucial link "to the fast-growing south west metropolitan area particularly access to Bibra Lake and the Henderson industrial area, regardless of the location of a new port.

"When a new port is developed Roe 8 will continue to be an important link as vehicles can turn either right or left at Stock Road depending on their destination."

The WA government has always argued Roe 8 will reduce congestion, improve transport efficiency and safety and reduce emissions, and this the LRTAWA echoes.

"From a safety perspective, it will drastically reduce the interaction between commuters and heavy vehicles and will reduce merge points with trucks coming on and off the Kwinana Freeway.

‘Importantly it will support much needed economic development and employment in the area.’

According to a report prepared by highly respected transport planner and engineer, Greg Martin, Roe 8 will re-distribute more than 6,900 trucks and over 74,000 light vehicles per day from Farrington Road, South Street, Leach Highway and other local roads onto a dedicated route," Marley says.

"Traffic volumes will continue to increase along Leach Highway and without Roe 8 significant investment will be needed to deal with these volumes but so far no realistic alternatives have been put forward."

Marley also argues that whilst his association remained opposed to the heavy vehicle toll proposed for the Perth Freight Link, the rationale for the Roe 8 extension "which had been discussed for many years, was as strong today as it was yesterday and it will be an important piece of infrastructure for local communities and WA industry well into the future.

"I urge our politicians to ensure there are no further delays with this project."

After early legal success that embarrassed the government, opponents, notably the Save Beeliar Wetlands group, have had a harder time of it in court.

This week it lost a Federal Court injunction against work continuing, though another challenge has not been ruled out.

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