DECA becomes ATA associate member

ATA believes the partnership will help DECA promote a safe and efficient driver training strategy

DECA becomes ATA associate member
ATA and DECA worked together on the 2016 revision of the truck driver medical standards.


The driver education and training division of Wodonga Institute of TAFE, Driver Education Centre of Australia (DECA), has joined the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) as an associate member.

The ATA is confident the move will improve DECA’s training strategy to promote a "safe, professional and viable trucking industry".

"The addition of a leading provider of training and driver education in DECA to the ATA is a real win for our combined commitment to a safe and professional industry," said ATA chair Noelene Watson says. 

"With its focus on driver education and training, DECA fits firmly within the ATA’s vision for a safe and professional industry, and they’ll bring significant value to the wider ATA family and industry as we pursue improved driver training, assessment and safer roads.

"DECA is the current sponsor of the ATA’s Training Excellence Award, which seeks to encourage transport operators to take considered pro-active action to improve their organisation’s training strategy and to improve their safety culture.

"The stories behind the finalists and winner will increasingly be used as case studies of benchmark performance and to illustrate potential and actual improved safety outcomes."

Wodonga Institute of TAFE CEO Mark Dixon says DECA’s goals "align with those of the ATA seeking safer roads, improved efficiency and the increased esteem for drivers and operators".

"We are delighted with the associate membership DECA now has in the ATA as the logical progression of our close relationship," Dixon says.

"Membership will furnish opportunity for more collaboration and serve to combine the specialist skills and influence of both organisations.

The ATA and DECA have worked closely together on a number of policy issues, including the 2016 revision of the truck driver medical standards.

"The new standards set out a clear process and individual assessment to enable safe, experienced drivers to continue driving, even if their hearing loss with hearing aids exceed the allowable threshold.

"As an associate member of the ATA, DECA will be able to participate in the development of ATA policy, internal committees and the ATA General Council. "

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