Bullishness remains in industry job market

Strong figures and trends for segments as a whole and management, Labourforce/Impex index shows

Bullishness remains in industry job market
The industry jobs market is showing staying power.


A certain energy that has entered the transport and logistics job market this year looks like it is being sustained, according to Labourforce.

The Labourforce/Impex Transport Logistics and Supply Chain Job Index regained some of March’s decline with a 0.7 per cent rise in April, the industry recruitment firm reports.

The wider transport logistics and supply chain (TL&SC) market is only 2 per cent below the record high set in February.

The Index rose from 126.27 to 127.16, a very strong 14.6 per cent higher than this time last year.

"As predicted last month the fall in March appears to have been a short term aberration in an otherwise bullish market," the report’s researchers say.

The ‘permanent’ market is particularly strong at the moment. It grew by 1.8 per cent in April.

The Index now sits at 118.33, a record high and 10.6 per cent higher than this time last year.

The ‘temporary’ and ‘contract’ market slipped again in April, falling a further 1.9 per cent and taking the Index from 158.37 to 155.33.

The ‘temporary’ and ‘contract’ market remains "volatile".

"Demand is up a massive 25.5 per cent over 12 months but all of this was achieved in mid-2015," the report says.

"Despite considerable movement both up and down the Index has risen only 0.1 per cent in the last six months."

The bullishness is being replicated in the TL&SC management segment

That sub-market sees the Index now at 116.82, its strongest since February last year.

A rise of 8.1 per cent in April contributes to a 19.4 per cent rise in the last three months.

"Indeed the market has expanded 31.6 per cent in the last six months, reversing a particularly quiet market in mid-2015.

But the white collar clerical market is less strong and less volatile.

It fell 1.7 per cent in April but over 12 months demand is down just 2.4 per cent.

The Index has slipped to 112.59 so still strong but, for the first time, below that of TL&SC Management which now sits at 116.82.

While public service and manufacturing figures were also up, demand amongst core T&L companies’ remains "very robust".

Demand rose 2.1 per cent in April setting the trend back on course to challenge the record high of 167 set in February. Demand is 8.7 per cent higher than three months ago and a very impressive 21.4 per cent higher than this time last year.

The rise in demand for air, sea and rail transport professionals continues although the rate of growth seems to be slowing. Job vacancies were up just 2.4 per cent in April.

The Index is now at 102.02 the first time it has been above the 100 benchmark since early 2015.

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