AMSA continues container weight draft order consultations

The maritime authority is consulting key stakeholders regarding amendments to the Navigation Act

AMSA continues container weight draft order consultations
AMSA is still accepting submissions regarding amendments to the Act.


The National Heavy Vehicle Authority (NHVR) says it is working with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to iron out potential issues and streamline transport documentation required for the transport of freight containers.

The AMSA is currently engaged in stakeholder consultations regarding amendments to the Navigation Act 2012 Marine Order 42 (cargo stowage and securing) (MO42).

The AMSA says it is open to more submissions from industry members and other stakeholders including port haulage firms, shipping lines, exporters, freight forwarding and customer broking representatives and stevedores during the ongoing consultation phase.

Currently, MO42 requires the gross mass of freight containers due for sea transport to be specified.

While MO42 does not directly impact the container weight declaration (CWD) requirements under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), it has some indirect implications such as:

  • the gross mass provided under MO42 may be included in a complying CWD, as long as the gross mass is not understated
  • operators may choose to use the current Pre-Receival Advice (PRA) system required by shipping terminals to meet the complying CWD requirements, provided all necessary information is included.
  • the PRA can be presented to an authorised officer to satisfy (some or all of) the requirements for a complying CWD under the HVNL.

The requirements for CWD are set by the NHVL and include, weight of the container including its contents; container number and other details necessary to identify the container; name and residential address or business name and address in Australia of the responsible entity for the freight container; and the date of declaration.

For more information on the requirements for complying CWDs, visit the NHVR website.

The maritime authority is also undertaking industry consultations with regard to Marine Order 43 (MO43), which refers to livestock cargo and cargo handling.

The MO43 draft was earlier expected to be ready by March this year.

The amendments to MO42 and MO43 will be in line with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) treaty, with the new regulations due to come into effect in July.

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