RSRT invites industry submissions on TWU suggestions

Industry has until 4pm today to make submissions in favour or against the proposed variations

RSRT invites industry submissions on TWU suggestions
The RSRT has asked for submissions onthe document by 4pm.


The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) is calling on the industry to make relevant submissions on the Transport Workers Union’s (TWU) document proposing variations to the minimum rates order.

Interested parties have until 4pm today to make submissions in favour or against the suggested variations to the 2016 Contractor Driver Minimum Payments Road Safety Remuneration Order (RSRO).

The document highlights terms discussed during a meeting between Linfox Australia, Toll Holdings, Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation (ARTIO), Australian Industry (Ai) Group, NatRoad, Australian Business Lawyers and Advisors, and the TWU.

It was presented for the advance consideration of RSRT president Jennifer Acton before Friday’s Tribunal Mention.

Although presented as united position, the Ai and NatRoad deny being in agreement with the terms listed in the document.

The Ai Group says it agrees with all the terms except two – the maximum payment term and the clause seeking supply chain participant accountability.

The Group says it is "yet to have further industry discussions to develop appropriate arrangements to address (a) maximum payment terms for operators and (2) supply chain participant accountability to ensure that hirers and employers are paid appropriately" before it can decide on its move".

However, NatRoad says that it does not agree to any of the terms, adding that it had not seen the document before Friday’s RSRT Mention.

"If your Honour sees the parties who are CC-ed, my clients were not copied in for this document even though it was my hearing, and I may have heard wrong, that counsel for the TWU said that the various parties including my client had consented to this," NatRoad representative said during the Mention.

"It [the document] is not something that the tribunal should have regard to because it is not a matter listed within section 20 of the Act.

"If the tribunal was minded to have regard to it, we would like the opportunity to make further submissions in relation to it once we have had the time to properly consider it."

The document was set aside for the consideration of the Full Bench that sat on Saturday through to Monday.

To view the full document, click here.

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