NHVR heat map tool to improve freight movement

The technology will also help identify infrastructure requirements

NHVR heat map tool to improve freight movement
The tool also assists authorities in unblocking congested areas

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has released the latest version of its heat map tool that is designed to assist road transport authorities to better monitor and manage freight movements across Australia.

The maps will allow local government to compare permit requests and work with neighbouring councils to locate sites and roads in need of improvements.

The technology also assists with unblocking of affected red zones shown on the maps.

"Jurisdictions and local government associations will be able to use these maps to identify possible infrastructure requirements for their local area," NHVR director of access Peter Caprioli says.

"We are working collaboratively with all road managers to better manage impacted areas, boosting access and the flow of freight on our national roads."

"The NHVR has successfully collated and compared twelve months of data to illustrate and enhance our understanding of where the blockages are positioned.

"This will help with addressing the concerned areas across the country.

"We understand that these obstructed areas are mainly due to road pavement conditions and maintenance infrastructure issues."

The maps are available at the NHVR website.

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