Mullighan swaps portfolios in SA cabinet reshuffle

New minister Malinauskas gets road safety as vehicle-related responsibilities stay split

Mullighan swaps portfolios in SA cabinet reshuffle
Stephen Mullighan gains housing portfolio.


South Australian transport and infrastructure minister Stephen Mullighan will lose one responsibility and gain another in a reshuffle to accommodate two new ministers.

Mullighan becomes housing and urban development minister having been assistant minister since last March.

He gains that portfolio from attorney general John Rau, who gets planning responsibilities in return.

South Australian former union leader Peter Malinauskas, who, along with Leesa Vlahos, make up the news cabinet faces, is minister for road safety and also takes charge of police prisons and emergency services.

The move continues a practice of keeping road issues at arm’s length from transport and infrastructure.

Malinauskas succeeds Tony Piccolo who resigned in the lead-up the reshuffle announcement after nearly two years in charge of road safety.

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