Roads to Recovery spending boost in MYEFO report

Northern roads funding unscathed as infrastructure gets certainty

Roads to Recovery spending boost in MYEFO report
Scott Morrison has overseen a regional roads funding boost.


While the federal government may have its work cut out gaining Senate approval for aspects of its Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) but should face little difficulty with the infrastructure component.

Federal treasurer Scott Morrison’s Budget update foresees no cuts at all and spruiks an actual increase to the ongoing Roads to Recovery initiative and this year’s Our North, Our Future  road and rail infrastructure plans are untouched.

"The Government will provide an additional $1.1 billion over two years from 2015‑16 for the Roads to Recovery Programme which supports local governments across Australia to deliver vital services," the MYEFO papers read.

"The Government will also provide $999 million for the construction of new infrastructure to reduce congestion and boost productivity, including the Northern Connector in Adelaide ($788 million), the Armadale Road duplication project in Perth ($116 million), and Stage 2 of the Gold Coast Light Rail ($95 million)."

The cost of these projects will be met from within existing infrastructure investment budget, which will also support a related communications campaign.

The northern spending includes:

$600 million for a new roads package with capital investment in specific, high priority road projects, to be agreed with jurisdictions and subject to Commonwealth contributions not exceeding 80 per cent of the cost of individual projects

$4.9 million to establish cross jurisdictional freight rail planning capacity.

Funding for this measure has already been provided for, the government notes.

There will be $25 million over two years from 2015‑16 for South Australian local councils in regional areas of the state to assist with upgrading 'last mile' road infrastructure.

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