Linfox hails emissions target progress

Big Australian says sustainability effort has borne fruit

Linfox hails emissions target progress
The Linfox emissions equation.


Linfox’s eight-year GreenFox sustainability program has seen the firm more or less attain its emissions target.

The program began in 2007 with an ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 50 per cent by 2015 based on 2006/07 levels.

"Thanks to the remarkable and sustained efforts of our people and customers, Linfox has achieved a 46.5 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions intensity at the end of September 2015," Linfox Australia and New Zealand CEO Annette Carey says.

"Improved energy efficiency and energy management initiatives allow Linfox to minimise our environmental impact and deliver better solutions to our customers.

"While we still have some way to go, I am proud of the real and substantial change instituted by our team and the continued benefits for the environment, our customers, our people and the wider community.

"Well done to the Safety and Sustainability team and the broader Human Resources business unit for driving this significant piece of work."

The program, championed by former group CEO Michael Byrne, saw the firm implemented a range of initiatives, including the adoption of new truck and tyre technologies, efficient warehouse lighting systems, eco driver education programs and, best practise equipment use.

The company insists laurel won’t be rested on and the program will continue, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency across the business.

"We are currently 3.5 per cent short of our 2015 emissions reduction target, however, I remain extremely committed to ensure our 50 per cent target is met in the near future," executive chairman Peter Fox says in the company’s newly released Solutions magazine.

Fox adds that the company’s "journey continues with renewable fuels, energy efficient lighting and solar energy".

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