Transurban calls for general road pricing

Toll road builder has been studying a range of models for states to implement across their road networks

Transurban calls for general road pricing
Transurban says it has a leadership role to play in developing general road pricing schemes


Transurban CEO Scott Charlton says state governments need to develop general road pricing systems to combat congestion.

He advocates selecting from a range of options, including specified per trip pricing, charges based on distance travelled, and dynamic pricing for certain express lanes.

Charlton also suggests a federal framework may be required to give states a base from which to effectively price road travel.

This may include the lifting of the federal fuel excise.

Charlton says he is not concerned about the prospect of different states charging different rates for their roads.

"It would foster an environment of competition between the states, increasing the pace with which we find a best practice solution," he adds.

"We in the industry sector need to take a leadership role in developing the principles of a user-pays system and help bring the community on the journey."

Transurban says traffic congestion costs the Australian economy $15 billion a year, with this figure set to triple by 2030.

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