Pre-approval for AB triples in South Australia

NHVR unveils a dedicated road network pre-approved for AB triples

Pre-approval for AB triples in South Australia
The NHVR and SA government are working to further reduce permit requirements for AB triples

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has welcomed the establishment of a dedicated road network for AB triple vehicles in South Australia.

NHVR Manager of Access Roger Garcia says the PBS 3A network will be pre-approved for AB-Triples, saving businesses both time and money through reduced permit timeframes and requirements.

"This pre-approval will provide the heavy vehicle industry with a defined network to operate effectively on, while allowing for loads above general mass limits to be transported, moving more freight more safely," Garcia says.

AB triple combinations were previously required to have single permits for each and every point-to-point journey.

The network includes over 5000km of road, covering Adelaide and routes to the north and west.

Garcia says the state government has been proactive in recognising the productivity costs of the previous system and working to develop a solution that addresses both business requirements and road safety.

"This is another example of what can be achieved through government and industry working together," he says.

"It will afford industry a massive efficiency boost and flexibility in their operations to meet demand."

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