VTA 2015: Petroccitto reports on first year

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator chief says permit turnaround times are improving

VTA 2015: Petroccitto reports on first year
Sal Petroccitto has completed his first year as head of the NHVR


National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) CEO Sal Petroccitto says his first year in office has seen some significant changes.

He marked the first anniversary by speaking to the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) Conference, as he did in 2015 just after his appointment.

As well as developing a new NHVR structure, the first year has been about building relations – with the industry, all levels of government, and law enforcement – and creating systems to reduce the time spent considering routine permit applications.

"I’m hoping that you’ve seen that change," Petroccitto told the conference.

"It takes time to become an efficient effective regulator."

In particular, he notes that issuing times for access permits have fallen significantly under his watch.

Between February and April this year, 9,935 permits were issued, with an average handling time of 3.1 days.

That represents a 43 per cent improvement on the 5.5 days it was taking 12 months earlier.

Petroccitto says cooperation with local governments and road authorities remains critical to the process.

"Some councils in Melbourne are doing permits in 45 minutes," he notes.

Outside of Victoria, longer times can be expected but the NHVR remains committed to bringing all stakeholders into his plans for faster turnarounds.

"If we get it right, it should save [transport operators] money," he says.

In fact, Petroccitto says the NHVR is targeting $12 billion worth of industry productivity initiatives and compliance savings over the next 20 years.

"I fully understand the need and desire to manage costs in your businesses," he tells VTA members.

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