National notice step looms for heavy truck and dog PBS

Huge undertaking pits 90 councils and NHVR against complexities of the task

National notice step looms for heavy truck and dog PBS
Sal Petroccitto is eyeing a national first.


The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is working with state and local jurisdictions to finalise the heavy vehicle preliminary National Notice for Performance Based Standards (PBS) Level 1 and 2 truck and dog trailer heavy vehicles. 

Around 90 local councils have already contributed to this process by issuing pre-approvals for, or their previous gazettal of, these heavy vehicle types on their local road networks, the Australian Local Government Association notes. 

This approach will streamline road access arrangements for transport operators using these vehicles, as well as reduce the regulatory and administrative burden on local councils in managing their road networks.

"This national notice is applicable to all PBS truck and dog trailer combinations with three or four axle rigid truck towing a three, four or five-axle dog trailer," ALGA says.

"This national notice when promulgated will cover preliminary state and territory road networks, encompassing PBS Level 1 and 2A routes currently covered under a pre-approval with any road manager, including local governments."

Future work will focus on targeting other roads that are not currently included in these preliminary networks.

Mr Petroccitto says the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is currently in consultation with road managers and state and territory jurisdictions on the delivery of the Performance Based Standards (PBS) Truck and Dog Trailer Notice.

"This will be an Australian-first achievement to declare a network for the operation of PBS vehicles under a notice," NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto says.

"It is a significant first step towards providing certainty for PBS truck and dogs through removing the need for individual permits for those applicable PBS vehicles.

"This is a complex space and the NHVR is working with road managers in order to produce a nationally consistent approach and network for these PBS truck and dogs.

"We will also be looking to deliver further improvements in the future.

"Whilst the PBS scheme continues to enable a variety of new and innovative vehicles, currently truck and dog trailer combinations account for 70 per cent of all PBS vehicle approvals.

"We are optimistic that our ongoing discussions will provide an outcome for industry which will see a massive 70 per cent reduction in PBS permits, amounting to approximately 1,000 less permits each year.

"This will be a great result for the trucking community and supports our strong commitment to continue to reduce red tape, making it easier for industry to do business."

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