VTA fires up over CityLink night tolls

Industry body says it is “bitterly disappointed” road operator won’t give a discount to encourage trucks to avoid residential areas.

VTA fires up over CityLink night tolls
Transurban will not provide discounts to trucks using the Bolte Bridge at night.


Toll road operator Transurban has dismissed a call to allow trucks on to a section of its flagship CityLink asset in Melbourne at discounted rates.

In October, the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) urged the company to offer discounts for night travel on the Bolte Bridge between Dynon Road and the West Gate freeway.

It noted that many trucks would be forced on to the road as night curfews in residential areas of West Melbourne took effect.

But in a meeting last week, VTA CEO Peter Anderson was told no deal or discount would be made available.

Anderson says Transurban is forsaking its social obligations to the Melbourne community and should be doing all it can to encourage trucks away from residential areas.

"The small financial commitment requested from Transurban was not accepted by its board and clearly shows that profits come before community values," he says.

"The claim by Transurban (noted verbally during the meeting last week) that the night-time toll reduction for heavy vehicles travelling on the Bolte Bridge would cost them $1.5 million is ludicrous; this figure is a drop in the ocean when compared to the $149 million half-year profit after tax the CityLink asset alone has recently enjoyed.

 "The VTA will continue to call for a fair go for the heavy vehicle industry and the broader community."

A spokesperson for Transurban has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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